Malaysia Safety Product Supplier - WELCOME TO PANGLIMA INTAN

Panglima Intan was incorporated in Malaysia since 1997 as a sales & marketing and trading company to assist our associate manufacturing company to market safety products such as in waste bins, chemical waste tanks and traffic safety products (plastics and rubber materials). We have established ourselves in the marketplace by supplying only the highest quality of safety products which will meet our clients' standards amongst the best road safety products and waste bins manufacturer.

The website showcases most of our road safety products and waste bins products line. We aim to provide clients with an easily navigated portal that highlights our strength and capabilities in safety products. Panglima Intan wishes to become a valuable and resourceful safety products company for the community, instead of focusing solely on selling. Please feel free to contact us regarding your safety products enquiries and we shall have our professionals attending to you with additional information on our safety products.

Traffic Safety Products

When it comes to traffic/road safety, safety products equipment is an often-overlooked area of vulnerability. To help maintain your traffic areas safe, Panglima Intan offers a wide line of traffic safety solutions. Road studs, Direction indicators, rubber humps, mobile barriers and traffic cones can help get traffic moving in safely and help to prevent potential hazards.

Bulk Bins

Our bulk bins provide an efficient solution for managing waste and recycling materials on a large scale. The purpose of bulk bin is to maximize waste management's efficiency, by reducing traffic movement onsite and transport costs offsite. Bins are stored onsite most of the time providing a large capacity to store wastes. It comes in various sizes while maintaining safe and easy deposit throughout all models.

Chemical Tanks

Chemical tanks are used to control some of the most aggressive chemicals. Panglima Intan manufactures the chemical tanks to be able to cope with the application parameters. We also took the extra mile to integrate several superior properties like UV stabilized HDPE material and seamless one piece molding technology to ensure highest chemical resistance and mechanical strength. All these done to ensure the chemicals should be in no means bringing negative impact to the environment. This manufacturing design of the chemical tanks will further integrate the mechanical parameters (pressure and temperature, erosive and corrosive) of the chemical storage.

Waste Bins/Recycle Bins

Panglima Intan is your source for commercial waste management and recycling solutions. Our products feature garbage waste bins and recycling bins made of polycarbonate materials. Our waste bins are also available in variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Our waste bins also come in metal and stainless steel to add durability to our product range. Additionally, our waste bins products are manufactured in a way to last where it is suitable to be used either indoor or outdoor.

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