Our environment should be safe and clean, which is why companies like Panglima Intan will provide waste management services and recycling solutions. Garbage waste bins made from polycarbonate materials are manufactured by this company. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are also waste bins made from regular metal and stainless steel for the purpose of ensuring durability. Waste bins from this company can be effectively used in both indoor and outdoor setups. There is a waste bin series available in all sorts of colors, shape, size and functionality. Some tips to help you choose the ideal waste bin from the waste bin series of Panglima Intan are further outlined below.

Make up your mind about the size of your waste bins. Always ask yourself how much waste you produce and how often your waste bin will be emptied. Consider the space available where you will put your waste bin. If it will stay indoors, is there adequate room for that large- sized waste bin container. If it will stay outdoors, then a larger sized container will be more appropriate. Choose the one that will fit in the space at your home or office and the one that will fully meet your waste storage needs.

The design
Choose a waste bin that will not stick out like a sore thumb around opulent surroundings. There are some waste bins with decorative elements but it would be best to choose a design that will be practical as well. Choose the right color and design that will blend perfectly with the rest of the home appliances. Select one with a good lid to keep the garbage inside and to also keep curious animals or unwelcome visitors from making their way in and rummaging in the trash. A good lid on a waste bin will also maintain some form of tidiness because one cannot see the garbage.

The Material
Choose a material that will be durable and practical. Plastic is often times the best because it will protect the floor from damage if wet material is thrown inside. Plastic will never rust and it will last for a very long time. Most of the waste bin series of Panglima Intan are plastic, stainless steel and other metals. If you have to buy a metal one, ensure that you line it with a plastic bag to protect the bin from rusting and the floor from damage. Lining a metal container with a plastic will also prevent the odor from permeating.

Your waste bin should be easy to use. It should be easily accessible when it comes to opening the lid and putting the trash inside. The lid shouldn't be too small and the hole for inserting the garbage shouldn't be small either. The whole waste bin should also be easy to carry to a larger garbage container for disposal or to the edge of the street for the regular trash pick-up. It should also be stable and never tip when the garbage is full.

It is obvious that you will consider your home décor when getting a waste bin. However, the most important things are the durability, the ability to resist stains and maintain the color. It should also be easy to clean to save you time and unpleasant odors. With the above tips, you can now look at the Panglima Intan waste bin series and choose the best for your home or office.

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