Road and Traffic Safety Products Manufacturer

Panglima Intan is one of Malaysia’s leading safety product suppliers, with a solid experience in the manufacturing of high-quality road and traffic safety products. Road traffic crashes are extremely dangerous and often unpredictable – however, the risks for car accident can be dramatically reduced by simply implementing some of the safety products that will be detailed later on. As a reputable manufacturer who puts great emphasis on safety and security, Panglima Intan only invests in state of the art materials and makes sure that all the products pass the quality tests prior to reaching the shelves.

One of the leading factors of traffic accidents is the lack of clear direction indicators and the absence of mirrors in parking lots. Panglima Intan aims to address these problems (and many others) by increasing awareness on the road and by promoting safe and responsible driving. With an experience of more than 15 years in the field, Panglima Intan specializes not only in traffic safety products made largely of rubber and top-notch plastic materials, but also in the manufacturing of chemical tanks and waste bins.

By promoting only high-quality products, the company aims to reduce the risk for accidents as well as the number of casualties that result from them, and to increase social responsibility amongst drivers at the same time. At the time being, the company is currently selling its products all across Malaysia and it has also expanded its target market to the adjacent countries of Brunei, Thailand as well as Singapore.

A Deeper Insight Into The Road & Traffic Safety Products Manufacturing Process

The company has very strict and high standards that apply to all of its products, as only by investing in state of the art equipment and material it is able to provide truly impeccable safety products. The bins and tanks manufactured by Panglima Intan are primarily made of polycarbonate material, which is known for its increased quality and durability, as well as its high resistance to chemicals and mechanical wear. The company takes pride in its product portfolio and in providing services of the highest quality to customers from both industrial and commercial facilities.

The company provides a wide array of road and traffic safety products, from reserved parking stands that are designed to withstand even the harshest weather and environmental conditions to truck humps, mobile barriers, traffic cones, direction indicators as well as rubber humps. Safety and security is extremely important, both for drivers and for those who work on the road, as they are often very vulnerable to accidents. By opting for the high-quality security products made by Panglima Intan, you can be sure to avoid most of the potential hazards that can occur on the road.

In addition to all the products mentioned above, the company also specializes in the manufacturing of ceramic road studs with reflectors, rubberized direction indicators, no parking stands, rubber humps for heavy duty trucks, solar powered road studs, wheel locks and wheel stoppers, directional bollards, corner guards and a plethora of other similar products.

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