Reliable Safety Products Supplier in Malaysia - Panglima Intan

Founded 18 years ago in Malaysia, Panglima Intan is well known as the country’s leading safety products supplier. Over the almost two decades of existence, the company has specialized in the manufacturing of durable state of the art safety products, ranging from traffic safety products made from plastics and rubber to waste bins and durable chemical waste tanks designed for the safe and efficient storage and removal of bio-hazardous products. Panglima Intan is known to provide the best road safety products in the industry, and it has brought a significant contribution to the reduction of car accidents and crashes over the years.

An Overview of the Company and Its Commitment to Safety Products

The company has managed to create a diversified client portfolio over the years, as it is committed to addressing one of the world’s largest public injury prevention issues – road traffic accidents. What initially started out with a workforce of three employees has grown to become one of the most respected and trusted safety products suppliers in Asia, and it currently has a number of 25 employees that are dedicated to providing high-quality services. Even though the distributorship of Panglima Intan has grown tremendously over the years, the company has always emphasized on persistent and efficient quality assurance, as it makes no compromise in terms of safety and quality. This aspect has helped the company develop a series of mutually beneficial professional relationships with various esteemed companies that also specialize in OEM safety products manufacturing, both in Asia and all over the world.

Panglima Intan products represent the perfect blend of knowledge and experience in the field of OEM safety products with the use of high-quality, durable and reliable materials. Slowly but surely, the company has managed to grow and expand its target market, therefore it currently sells its safety products not only in Malaysia, but also on the targeted markets of Brunei, Thailand and Singapore.

What Does The Company Has To Offer?

Road traffic accidents are one of the primary causes of death or severe injury, not just in Malaysia but all around the world, with more than one million people being killed in traffic accidents each year. Panglima Intan knows this, and for that reason it has specialized in selling high-quality, reliable and durable safety products. The company will remain one of the most trustworthy safety products suppliers, as it is committed to lowering the number of yearly road traffic accidents on a national scale by offering products like direction indicators, road humps, mirrors for parking lots and such.

The main mission of this Malaysian safety product manufacturer is to reduce the number of fatalities that result from car crashes by raising awareness about the importance of save driving, mainly through its products. Ever since it was founded back in 1997, the company has always tried to reinvent and to improve its products and services, and this is what makes it Malaysia’s most reliable safety products supplier at the moment.

That being said, some of the most popular traffic safety and road safety products sold by the company include truck humps, road studs, mobile barriers, traffic cones, rubber humps, direction indicators, truck humps, reserved parking stands and a variety of other traffic safety products and equipments, designed to make the roads a safer and better place both for drivers and for the passengers.

In addition to this, Panglima Intan knows that hazards are at every step, this is why it does not limit its production line solely to traffic and road signs – on the contrary, it provides numerous other products such as chemical tanks, bulk bins, recycle bins as well as waste bins, all of which are designed to meet the highest standards of quality set by the industry. All the products manufactured by this company have a very high chemical and mechanical resistance, mainly due to the use of high quality poly carbonate, plastics, rubber and other durable materials.

The company has a full portfolio of products displayed on its website, and product quality will always be Panglima Intan’s primary concern in its fight for improving social responsibility and raising awareness about the high number of road traffic accidents. The company’s products are widely sold in the commercial and industrial field, and they are manufactured with great attention to the small details that often happen to make the difference between safety and disaster.

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